I can’t get a role outside mumbai or banking easily. 100 times that then the constant question is that can a junior person manage your role. The option could be to move offshore. This means you are less likely to risk moving to a new setup where you could struggle to maintain your lifestyle. Less Personal Time and More Travel – most high end jobs put unreasonable demands on your time. So you are supposed to respond to mails on weekends, late night, have calls at night or morning, 酒店小姐 travel regularly … True friends – some people start looking down and start to value others by how much they earn or how successful they are – which means they lose true friends and only have fair weather acquaintances. At one point you just see the bank balance rising and you have no idea what to do with it. That means switching fields, 酒店小姐 movIng to the city of your choice may be difficult. Mobility – the higher the compensation-the more difficult it is for one to find alternate jobs that are paying that much. Most of my salary goes on/in (paying) rent. 7. I am quite willing to start at a small salary.

例如:His regular salary doesn’t come to much, 酒店小姐 but he gets bonuses too. Is this a realistic salary for such a responsible job? This can be avoided if you own your own business or work as a contractor but once a W-2 employee starts making a high salary, 酒店小姐 they are screwed come tax season.虽然在老职级体系下,整个 T3 序列的 title 都是高级工程师,但每个小职级范围之间的薪资差距并不小,T3-3 级别的薪资比 T3-1 级别要高出 30-60W/ 年,且 3-1 级别几乎没有股票。除去一些明星私企,大多数处在创业阶段的私营企业在人事管理上还处于比较混乱的阶段,一般没有像外企那样完善的薪资架构,薪水的多少、加薪的时间和幅度等也没有完善的制度规定。通常来说,普通员工拿多少薪水由人事部门决定,中层以上管理人员的薪水则可能由老板亲自拍板。由于可能存在老板“一言堂”的情况,薪水的多少,何时加薪、加多少等都存在随意性。 月薪较低,年底兑现奖金。相对于外企和国企来说,私营企业的薪水总体偏低。私企的老板也知道自己支付的薪水在市场上缺乏竞争力,因此,为了防止员工跳槽,很多私企都采取了压低月薪,把奖金大头留到年底甚至第二年年初发放的办法,以此来拖住一部分员工,防止员工的流动率过高。 员工间的薪水落差很大。薪水发放的随意性,导致了另外一个情况,即员工之间的薪水落差可能非常大。譬如,普通行政文员可能每月只拿700块钱,而她的部门经理则很有可能是年薪10万元,这样的落差究竟合不合理,不一定有什么标准,全看老板怎么想。 新员工如何把握谈薪尺度 了解了私企薪水的一些“特色”,接下来就是薪水谈判桌上可以运用的一些技巧了。