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这里的backdated就是表示某个政策或举措从之前较早的时间开始计算。比如,6月份发出涨工资的决定,但是从1月开始算的,所以会从1月开始补发。这种情况就可以说:The increase in pay agreed in June will be backdated to January.檢方表示,施男之前遊玩網路射擊遊戲CS(Counter Strike)時,從蝦皮拍賣上購買一把Model Gun JP-915金牛座手槍,並上網學習改造後放在家中觀賞;他11日時因受不了女友,便帶著槍到板橋分局自首。在RAID5 上, 读/写指针可同时对阵列设备进行操作, 提供了更高的数据流量. Chinese companies and their regular economic, trade and investment activities, and give support to the collaboration between enterprises, research institutes, and schools and colleges of the two countries, as it will help enhance mutual trust and cooperation between the two sides.本着这一精神,希望美方公平对待中国企业正常经贸和投资活动,支持两国企业、科研机构、学校开展合作,促进中美互信与合作。

China will introduce unified regional calculation of gross domestic product (GDP) to enhance the accuracy of the results, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Sunday.国家统计局1月5日表示,我国将实施地区生产总值统一核算,以提升核算结果的精确性。 From Jan 10 to Feb 18, the total number of trips is likely to hit 3 billion, slightly up from the travel rush last year, with an 8-percent growth in train trips, 8.4-percent increase in air trips and 9.6-percent hike in waterway trips, according to a forecast from the National Development and Reform Commission.国家发改委表示,今年春运从1月10日持续至2月18日,预计全国旅客发送量将达到约30亿人次,铁路旅客同比增长8%,民航增长8.4%,水路旅客增长9.6%。 Drop the oil in the pan, stir it up, drop a few drops of fish sauce, and raise the whole wok, leaving the flame, or else it will be old. It’s proposing a points-based immigration system which will only allow people with high-paying qualifications to apply for visas.

Change fees will apply to bookings for which the deposit is nonrefundable. All high-speed railway stations will allow passengers to use electronic tickets. Due to the continued expansion in high-speed railway operational length, the number of road trips is expected to decline to 2.43 billion.由于高铁运营里程不断增加,今年的陆路旅客量预计将下降至24.3亿人次。改革后,地区生产总值将由各省区市统计局负责核算改革为国家统计局统一组织、领导和实施(lead the unified accounting of regional GDP by conducting unified accounting procedures),各省区市统计局共同参与核算。全党要更加自觉地坚定党性原则,勇于直面问题,敢于刮骨疗毒,消除一切损害党的先进性和纯洁性的因素,清除一切侵蚀党的健康肌体的病毒,不断增强党的政治领导力、思想引领力、群众组织力、社会号召力,确保我们党永葆旺盛生命力和强大战斗力。Every Party member must be more actively involved in enhancing Party consciousness, and demonstrate commitment to Party principles.