O' Lord, I've popped a lot of pills But I never - EyeEm - 웹开办(课程/ 讲习班) New words and Expressions one-to -one 一对一的 accredited adj. Grammar:Reported speech 间接引语 Reading: No card, no ticket 无信用卡,无飞机票 Focus 学习重点 Learn how to write a complaint letter(学会写投诉信) How to deal with a complaint via media (怎样通过媒体处理投诉) How you expect your problem to be solved(问题怎样得到解决) Style of the reading: Narration 叙述文 6.2 Travel arrangements 旅行安排 Focus 学习重点 熟悉与旅行相关的词汇学习掌握如何进行旅行安排的相关技能练习在听力与阅读过程中寻找具体信息掌握有关旅行安排的电子邮件的写法 New words & Expressions Manchester 曼彻斯特(英格兰西北部港口城市) Glasgow 格拉斯哥(英国城市) Bristol 布里斯托尔(英国西部的港口) London Heathrow Airport 伦敦希思罗机场 Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport 巴黎戴高乐机场 Lyon 里昂(法国城市) Hotel amenities 宾馆便利设施 lobby, a lift, free newspaper, a direct-dial telephone,extension, a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, room service, a mini bar, air-conditioning, an Internet connection, TV set, computer, a hair dryer, a conference room, conderence equipment, a fitness room/ gym Hotel amenities 宾馆便利设施 translation services, laundry service, beauty saloon, restaurant, business centre, sauna, recreation centre, karaoke (KTV), dancing ball, boutique, store, travel agency, etc.

出席,出席人数 Prague 布拉格(捷克斯洛伐克首都) Morpeth 莫派斯(位于英国诺森伯兰郡) Helsinki 赫尔辛基(芬兰首都) Buenos Aires 布宜诺斯艾利斯 (阿根廷首都) Toronto 多伦多 (加拿大主要城市) Sydney 悉尼(澳大利亚东南部港口城市,新南威尔士州首府) Listening: Arranging a meeting安排会面 Making an appointment Day Time Place Subject Writing: Confirming a meeting 确认约会 Making a schedule Keeping your activities in your diary page according to the time Grammar: Prepositions of time: at, in, 酒店經紀 on Writing: Accepting an invitation 接受邀请 Useful language Thank you for…确认,确定 reception n. 接待,接待处 trade fair 交易会,展销会 New Words & Expressions present vt.