portrait from \ LZ我就是市场调研公司出来的,现在跳去了企业的MKT部门去了 市场调研公司只能算是最基础的信息咨询公司,作为乙方,为甲方客户(也就是 我现在的公司)提供项目建议,研究方法,样本采集,信息挖掘,定性定量分析 ,数据统计和分析,最后汇总成报告,主要向甲方的市场部报告,随后甲方拿着 这些报告研究出他们以后的solution。积极的,主动的 dedicated adj. 专注的,献身的 unique adj. Your name Your city and country Your family Your home Your job Your studies Your hobbies 5.1 Career choices 职业选择 Focus 学习重点 熟悉与职业相关的词汇学会描述职业变化练习在听力和阅读过程中寻找相关信息能够表达自己对待工作与生活的态度掌握现在完成时和过去时的不同用法 New words & Expressions stock broker 股票经纪人 London Stock Exchange 伦敦证券交易所 bank account 银行帐户 bankrupt adj. Vocabulary: Name of Occupation 职业名称 Make a list of the name of career/ occupation professor, doctor, lawyer, police, pilot, actor/ actress, manager, engineer, nurse, secretary, salesperson, businessman …

良师益友 make contribution to 为…我是在外企做HR的,一点也不轻松,特别是象我做C&B的, 因为工作中很多都是和员工切身利益有关的东西,所以也很有压力,不过因为知 道不少和薪资有关的“秘密”,所以很受人“尊重”,来套消息的不少,呵呵。 其实找工作需要看自己的性格特点比较适合哪个行业或职位,还有就是自己的兴 趣,否则很容易厌倦,也做不好。以前的,在先的 disastrous fall 损失惨重的一跌 reach the highest level 达到最高水平 New words & Expressions rise/ increase/ improve /ascend/ go up/ move up/ mount up 上升 soar 飙升 fall/ drop/ decrease/ decline/ descend/ go down下降 stay stable/ steady/ the same 保持平稳 level off 持平 recover 反弹 peak up 达到顶峰,最高点 New words & Expressions dramatically 喜剧地,引人注目地 considerably 相当大地 obviously 明显地 gradually 渐渐地 sharply 急剧地,明显地 slightly 轻微地 a little bit 一点儿 6.1 Business travel 商务旅行 Focus 学习重点 熟悉与商务旅行相关的词汇学会谈论商务旅行的相关话题练习在听力和阅读过程中寻找具体信息掌握间接引语的用法 Listening: Flight problems 航班问题 Vocabulary on flight aircraft, check-in, delay, journey, land, luggage, passenger, passport, pilot, take off, travel, trip, air traffic controller, baggage handler,check-in baggage, carry-on bag, boarding pass, board, business/ economy/ first class, flight attendant/ stewardship/air-hostess/ stewardess, identity card, return/ single ticket, crew, 酒店經紀 security/ safety inspection Listening: Flight problems 航班问题 Speaking: Process of boarding Describe the process of boarding with the words listed above.

软饮料;汽水 milkshake n. 奶昔 purchase vt.配料,成分 nutritious adj. 有营养的 improve one’s image 改善形象 New Words & Expressions banquet n. Department 研发部 Maketing & Sales 市场营销/ 销售部 Industrial Department 产业部 Admistration & Finance 行政/财务部 Project Department 项目部 Product Line 产品种类科 Business Development 业务拓展部 Contract & Purchasing 合同/采购部 Vocabulary on Production, sales and share price decrease/ drop/ fall 下降 go up/ increase/ rise上升 level off 持平 remain steady 保持平稳 reach a peak / peak up 顶点高达 recover 反弹 Reading: An agency built on proactive processes 主动出击的代理商 Text Structure Analysis 3.3 Listening Test 听力测试 Exam Format 考试形式 There are two types of listening: 1. Listening for gist – the general meaning of a text 2. Listening for specific information – usually numbers (dates, times, percentages, prices, etc.) or spellings.

Direct Marketing: they are masters in one-to-one marketing. Direct marketers assemble databases of individual consumers who fit within their target market, go after them with a personal approach, 酒店經紀 and manage the production process from strategy inception to out-the-door distribution. Deal with professional or personal problems successfully. 4.3 Speaking Test 口语测试 Part One Prepare your personal informtion for Part One. Don’t tell anyone your costs. Don’t date one you wouldn’t marry. In some companies, one functional areas may get more attention than the other. I agree with some parts of what is said above, 酒店經紀 but I believe all functional areas in mkt are important. Price, popularity, business, 酒店經紀 and commerce services in the surroundings are the main factors that widen the competitiveness levels between hotels. The results indicate that: (1) With most hotels in the middle and few in the top and bottom rankings, the competitiveness distribution line indicates a general concentrated structure.