艺蜀佳设计-手提袋设计-包装设计-成都金沙鸟巢酒店管理有限责任公司 Where possible, 酒店經紀 Carrier shall make reasonable endeavours to give notice to Passenger or its Travel Representative of any change or cancellation as soon as reasonably possible. “Force Majeure Event” refers to incidents that cannot be predicted, avoided and overcome, including but not limited to Acts of God, breakdown of the Vessel, hostilities, blockades, labor conflicts, strikes aboard or ashore, restraint of rulers or princes, war, fire, collision, directions of underwriters, arrest, order or restraint by governmental authorities or others, acts of terrorism, civil commotions, weather conditions (including typhoon) and considerations of safety of the Vessel (of which the Master shall be the sole judge), foundering of the Vessel or breakdowns of or damage to its hull, machinery and fittings (which Carrier could not have anticipated or avoided despite our normal comprehensive mechanical checks), inability to secure or failure of supplies including fuel, requisition of the Vessel, port congestion or blocking, travel advisories (warnings) issued by governments of the destinations/the World Health Organization, medical or lifesaving emergencies, red/black outbound travel alerts issued by government authorities, and any other situations of which the industry has no control and which are unfavorable to outbound trips of travelers, or other circumstances beyond the Carrier’s control (including but not limited to a change in Carrier’s fleet deployment caused by any of the aforementioned events).

If Passenger chooses the first option mentioned in Section 6.d.2 above and accepts the changed arrangements, the refund, if any, will be made by Carrier to Passenger or its Travel Representative as follows: (i) if Carrier finds it impossible to complete the itinerary and has to shorten a cruise due to a Force Majeure Event, Carrier shall make a prorated refund to Passenger or its Travel Representative of the sum received for such booking for the number of days eliminated from the cruise itinerary. Passenger booking through a Travel Representative should contact your Travel Representative for refund. Carrier shall not be liable for any refund or compensation, but all services and accommodations will be made available onboard to Passengers. Carrier shall have the right to comply with any orders, recommendations, or directions whatsoever given by any governmental entity or by persons purporting to act with such authority and such compliance shall not be deemed a breach of this Agreement entitling the Passenger to assert any claim for liability, compensation or refund. Itineraries may change from time to time, both before and after departure. The surface charge density increases on the polymer jet until distortions and displacements occur from the centerline.

Whilst Carrier always endeavors to avoid changes and cancellations, under certain circumstances, Carrier may find it necessary to cancel, advance, postpone or deviate from any scheduled sailing, port of call, destination, lodging or any activity on or off the Vessel, or substitute another vessel or port of call, destination, lodging or activity. Passengers assume full responsibility to determine through their Travel Representative or the appropriate government authority the necessary documents. For the avoidance of doubt, any shore excursion or other services Passenger may purchase from a Travel Representative should be subject to terms and conditions agreed between Travel Representative and Passenger, and Carrier assumes no liability for any loss, delay, disappointment, damage, injury, death or other harm whatsoever to Passenger which occurs during shore excursion or performance of such other services. In no event shall Carrier be liable for any loss, delay, disappointment, damage, injury, death or other harm whatsoever to Passenger which occurs on or off the Vessel or the Transport as a result of any acts, omissions or negligence of any independent contractors. The time involved in returning to port of embarkation shall be deemed to be included in the cruise time, provided all services and accommodations are available onboard to Passengers at that time.

Passengers shall at all times comply with notices from the ship’s Captain and shall in addition comply with the Carrier’s Guest Conduct Policy. Guests found in violation of such laws are subject to arrest and prosecution by the foreign jurisdiction (and perhaps United States or other authorities as well) and may be prevented from re-boarding the ship. All arrangements made for or by Passenger for transportation (other than on the Vessel) before, during or after the Cruise or CruiseTour of any kind whatsoever, as well as air arrangements, shore excursions, tours, hotels, restaurants, attractions and other similar activities or services, including all related conveyances, products or facilities, are made solely for Passenger’s convenience and are at Passenger’s risk. To the extent Passengers retain the services of medical personnel or independent contractors on or off the Vessel, Passengers do so at their sole risk. Even though the Carrier shall be entitled to charge a fee and earn a profit for arranging such services, all such persons or entities shall be deemed independent contractors and not acting as agents or representatives of Carrier. To the extent permitted or required by law, this Agreement also covers Carrier’s CruiseCare® products, shore excursions, land and hotel packages, if applicable.

Cancellation, deviation or substitution may also be caused by a Force Majeure Event.起航前,如果因为不可抗力事件需要变更行程且该等变更会对整体度假体验造成不利影 响,则乘客应享有以下选择权: (i) 接受变更后的行程安排,该等情况下,承运人将按照下 述第6.d.3款在三十(30)天内向乘客或其旅行代表退还费用(如有);(ii)取消行程,该等情 况下,承运人将在三十(30)天内向乘客或其旅行代表退回承运人收取的订票费用的 50%,港务税费,以及承运人收到的岸上短途观光费用的退款(如果岸上短途观光是通过 承运人购买的话)。由承运人为乘客安排的或乘客自行安排的在游轮巡游/游轮观光活动之前、之中或之后的任何交通 服务(本游轮上的航行除外),以及任何的航空运输服务、岸上短途观光、观光游、酒店、餐 馆、游览项目及其它类似活动或服务(包括所有相关的运输、产品或设施),均应视为是专为乘客的便利而提供的,且由乘客自行承担风险。上述服务、运输、产品和设施的提供商、所有人和 承运人均为独立合同方,而并非作为承运人的代理人或代表行事。

乘客进 一步同意,承运人有权禁止或限制乘客将任何酒精饮料携带上船使用,并同意遵守承运人就上述 事项所制定的任何政策之规定。本协议中任何规定都不能视为授予乘客在游轮巡游或游轮观光期 间向其他乘客销售产品或提供服务的权利,乘客的上述行为是被禁止的。该负责人介绍,以全季品牌为例,目前会在每间酒店的客房融入诗签,让住客品诗赏画,并辅以茶具及精选茶叶,丰富住宿体验。 500房补,包工作餐,具体面议,视乎工作经验而定,其它跟劳工法。   A:人力资源部随时与人才市场、劳动局、职业学校等保持联系。中国饭店协会联合上海盈蝶企业管理咨询有限公司发布的《2019中国酒店连锁发展与投资报告》中指出,在市场整体消费升级和大众旅游快速发展的背景下,中端酒店消费群体不断扩大,为中端酒店发展提供了充足的客源,中端酒店市场迎来了发展高峰。 酒店公主 台中 不仅仅针对于中档酒店市场,华住近年来也在用技术赋能酒店业发展。