ent.cctv.com The exclusions or limitations of liability of Carrier set forth in the provisions of this Ticket Contract, as well as all rights, defenses or immunities set forth herein, shall also apply to and be for the benefit of Representatives, independent contractors, concessionaires and suppliers of Carrier, as well as owners and Carriers of all shoreside properties at which the Vessel or the Transport may call, as well as owners, designers, installers, suppliers and manufacturers of the Vessel or Transport, or any component parts of either, together with the employees and servants of each of the foregoing, and/or any launches, craft or facilities of any kind belonging to or provided by any of the parties identified in this paragraph. In that event, as in all others, guests are expected to follow the direction of the ship’s Captain who will take appropriate action to ensure the safety, security and well-being of our guests. Carrier may also change accommodation, alter or cancel any activities of, deny service of alcohol to, confine to a stateroom or quarantine, search the stateroom, property or baggage of any Passenger, change a Passenger’s Land Tour, disembark or refuse to embark the Passenger and/or any Passenger responsible for any minor Passenger, or restrain any Passenger at any time, without liability, at the risk and expense of the Passenger, when in the sole opinion of Carrier or Captain the Passenger’s conduct or presence, or that of any minor for whom the Passenger is responsible, is believed to present a possible danger, security risk or be detrimental to himself or the health, welfare, comfort or enjoyment of others, or is in violation of any provision of this Agreement.

“Cruise or CruiseTour Fare” includes the amount due for the Cruise or Cruise Tour, whether such amounts are owing and/or have been paid by the Passenger, but does not include amounts due for other products or services such as air transportation, photographs, gratuities, telephone calls, or medical services which can be purchased separately, nor does it include government or quasi-governmental taxes and fees, whether assessed on a per Passenger, per vessel, per berth or per ton basis, nor any fuel surcharges, security surcharges or similar assessments made by airlines, trains, buses, hotels or other third parties which are subject to change and are due and payable by Passenger upon request. Purchase or use of this Ticket Contract, whether or not signed by the Passenger, shall constitute the agreement by Passenger, on behalf of himself and all other persons traveling under this Ticket Contract (including any accompanying minors or other persons for whom the Ticket Contract was purchased), to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Ticket Contract. “Guest” or “You” means all persons traveling under this Ticket Contract and persons in their care, together with their respective heirs and representatives. “Cruise” means the specific cruise covered by this document, as the same may be modified and shall include those periods during which the Guest is embarking or disembarking the Vessel and those periods when the Guest is on land while the Vessel is in port.

“Transport” means the railcars, buses and other modes of transportation or accommodation provided by LTO in connection with a Land Tour. Vessel, or any substituted ship; (ii) the Vessel’s Carrier as more particularly detailed at Section 20); and (iii) with respect to the Land Tour portion of any CruiseTour, the operator of that Land Tour (“LTO”) together with the owners, managers, charterers, affiliates, successors and assigns of the entities identified in subsections (i), (ii) and (iii) of this sentence. Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, this Agreement supersedes any other written or oral representations or agreements between Carrier and Passenger relating to the subject matter of this Agreement or the Cruise or the Cruise Tour, but excluding the terms of the Cruise Lines International Association (“CLIA”) Passenger Bill of Rights that the Vessel’s Operator has adopted as a requirement of being a member of CLIA (the “CLIA Passenger Bill of Rights”). Carrier reserves the right to impose a supplemental charge relating to unanticipated occurrences including, but not limited to, 酒店經紀 increases in the price of fuel. This Ticket Contract cannot be modified except in a writing signed by a corporate officer of Carrier. Carrier also shall include the officers, directors, employees, Representatives, crew or pilots of the entities identified in the preceding sentence.